Woman in Gold

Show Times:

Friday 4/17 4:00pm & 7:15pm
Saturday 4/18 4:30pm & 7:15pm
Sun 4/19 thru Thur 4/23 4:00pm & 7:15pm
Adults $5 / Children $4 / Matinee Admissions $4

Rated: PG-13
Running Time: 109 minutes

Helen Mirren is up there with Judi Dench and Maggie Smith in the pantheon of the great, “they can do not wrong” British actresses, and Mirren shines again in Woman in Gold. It is based on a true story of the long running struggle of an elderly dress shop owner in Los Angeles named Maria Altmann to reclaim a Gustav Klimt from the Austrian government that illegally seized it from her family during World War II in the course of dispossessing and exterminating its Jewish citizens. The painting is the jewel of Austria’s Belvedere museum; the problem is, the woman Klimt painted is Altmann’s aunt, and the work belongs to her. In her struggle with the Austrians, Altmann faces her memories of the Nazi era. The outstanding cast includes Ryan Reynolds, Katie Holmes, Tatiana Maslany, Charles Dance, Elizabeth McGovern, and Francis Fisher.—Peter Biskind

“Sometimes you know a movie is going to work in about the first three scenes. This one really works… This is a good, juicy, infuriating story with a well-documented but extremely satisfying moral outcome,”—Wesley Morris, Grantland

“For all its broad brush strokes, Woman in Gold can’t help but tell a moving populist parable about the will to power of an ordinary woman … taking on powerful institutions to regain a tiny fraction of her family’s appalling losses.”—Ella Taylor, NPR

“It’s a touching film that entertains with warmth and humor while teaching us something about history, law and justice with enormous heart, subtlety and compassion, brilliantly acted and skillfully written. Is there anything Helen Mirren cannot do?”—Rex Reed, New York Observer

“The film [features] engaging performances from Mirren and Reynolds, who shine as their characters’ relationship deepens.”—Claudia Puig, USA Today